Embrace the Power of Positivity

Learn transformative habits that will help you create strength, courage, resilience, and a life of beauty in the midst of your challenges.

When Focusing on Work is Not Working, It's Time to Refocus!

Picture this: you’re working on a project with a team, and everyone is so busy and stressed out that they don’t even want to be in the same room together. They’re doing their best to keep their heads down and focus on work, but it’s not working—every meeting feels like a chore, and there’s no energy left over for anything else.

You can’t seem to get out of this rut. You’ve tried everything: group lunches, team outings, new office layouts—but nothing seems to work.

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Empower Your Team With The Tools To Create Positive Change.

When you book with Linda Fogg-Phillips, you get more than just a speech; you get an interactive experience that will leave your audience with knowledge and skills that positively change their behavior and see them moving in a productive light.

Linda Fogg-Phillips provides valuable tools for corporate teams. Whether through coaching sessions, speeches or professional keynote presentations, she delivers rich, interactive, relatable and memorable content in a safe and comfortable environment.

Most Requested Keynote Topics:

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The three steps to creating an environment of positivity and resilience in your professional and personal life

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Positive Productivity: How to create the habit of rising about the chaos

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Going from Resistance To Resilience Quickly and Easily with Pearl Habits

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Tiny Habits; creating lasting change simply and easily

About Linda

Gain industry insight and expert commentary from world-renowned author, speaker, business owner, and consultant, Linda Fogg-Phillips. She is the director of Tiny Habits Academy and founder of Pearl HabitsTM, a company focused on transforming individuals and families’ lives with new habits and innovative behavioral changes. Linda is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as an expert in virtual coaching, habit formation and behavior change. She is a contributing author and expert for the ACE Behavior Change Certification Program. She proudly authors the groundbreaking book, Facebook for Parents: Answers to the Top 25 Questions and will release her second title later this year.
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Bring Pearl Habits to Your Organization

If your staff needs greater resilience and a way to manage stress, Linda can deliver the insights you are looking for through her life-changing keynotes.