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The Power of Resilience

Working alongside her brother, B.J. Fogg, Ph.D., Linda Fogg-Phillips created the Tiny Habits Academy. Having gone through so many challenges in her life, Linda knew there was an opportunity to help people in need, which allowed her to customize the method and birth Pearl HabitsTM. Linda created Pearl Habits after overcoming adversity by applying this method in her personal life. After the tragic passing of Linda’s 20-year-old son, the death of her husband, a near-death experience, and the responsibility of caring for her family financially during the recession, Linda knew that she had a purpose.
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Take Control of Your Life

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Improve How You Respond to Challenges

Ditch the victim mindset and discover how to be a victor.

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Take control of negative thoughts that spiral out of control.

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Adopt a Grateful and Positive Mindset

Defuse anger, frustration, and resentment by focusing on the good.

Adopt Pearl Habits to Apply in Any Area of Your Life

When an irritant enters an oyster’s shell, it has two choices: succumb to it or create something beautiful. Choosing to transform the invasive material leads to creating something beautiful – the pearl.

At Pearl Habits, we equip you with the tools you need to survive life’s toughest battles so that you can transform hardship into something beautiful.

Change comes when three components exist simultaneously:


Your desire to execute a behavior.


Your capacity to execute a behavior.


Your cue (or trigger) to execute a behavior.

Resilience is Courage in Action

We work with you to develop transformative habits, enabling and supporting you to survive anything thrown your way.

If you're dealing with:

Low Self-Esteem, Grief, Illness, Communication, Confrontation, Creating Boundaries, Divorce, Family Issues, or An Illness…  Pearl Habits is for you.

With Pearl Habits, you’ll learn to:

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Identify unique skills

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Deal with negative emotions

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Communicate your feelings

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Succeed without relying on willpower alone

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Cultivate resilience

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Transform your life for the better

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About Linda

Linda Fogg-Phillips is an expert in helping people overcome depression, trauma, and anxiety. She has been practicing for over 30 years and has a special interest in treating complex trauma. Linda is known for her compassionate and personalized approach and she is dedicated to helping people find hope.

Linda is a featured social media and family health expert in the media and in publications. During 2009 – 2013, Linda was the adolescent behavior expert and online safety consultant for Facebook, Inc. Linda was commissioned by Facebook to write their first Facebook Online Safety Guide for Educators. Linda is a regular guest lecturer at Stanford University.

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You have the power to BECOME YOUR BEST SELF

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