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Master the Art of Resilience

Transform adversity into opportunities and learn how to manage the stress of challenging times through implementing Pearl HabitsTM based on the Tiny Habits Method.
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Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.
Founder of Pearl Habits

Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.
Founder of Pearl Habits

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Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.
Founder of Pearl Habits

Create Positivity
During Challenging Times

Everyone is struggling with adversities, whether they are minor nuisances or severe tragedies.

These challenges are increasingly leading to further conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses.

In the middle of these adversities, we have a choice to either be a victim or a victor, and too often we adopt the mindset of a victim.

Find Untapped Strength

The Pearl Habit Method was created by BJ Fogg Ph.D. as a way to implement behavior change through small, easy steps.

Instead of simply reacting to adversity, Pearl Habits gives you a systematic process to be resilient, confident, and strong. We help you discover the habits that will empower you to respond positively to whatever life throws at you and bounce back when things get tough.

Design How You Respond to Challenges

Ditch the victim mindset and discover how to be a victor.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Take control of negative thoughts that spiral out of control.

Adopt a Grateful and Positive Mindset

Defuse anger, frustration, and resentment by focusing on the good.

Designing Pearl Habits for Resilience

Pearl Habits are simple. There are two parts: the irritant and the pearl.

Every time an irritant enters your life, it can either be a thorn in your side or an opportunity to grow. Pearl Habits are the small things we repeatedly say or do to transform difficult circumstances into beauty.

After I...

I will...

After someone that I don't know irritates me

I will give them a genuine compliment

After I feel overwhelmed

I will take 3 deep breaths

After I feel myself rushing around

I will remind myself to "slow down"

After I sit down at my desk

I will meditate for 10 seconds

The Pearl Habits Podcast

Coming JULY 2023

pearl habits podcast

Create Resilience With Your Own Pearl Habits

Discover how you can implement Pearl Habits into your organization or into your life.

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Linda is an experienced global speaker helping companies and organizations support their communities. Bring Linda to your organization for a transformative experience.

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Discover how to develop greater resilience by implementing the Pearl Habits method in your life. Get more information on our online community and certification program.

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Get a wealth of tips and guidance on how to create positivity through challenging times. Guests are proven experts in specialized fields where you get valuable information leaving you wanting more.

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Linda Fogg-Philips

Meet Linda

Linda is the Director of Tiny Habits® Academy which offers courses that teach individuals and professionals how to create habits quickly and easily without relying on willpower.

She has spent over 33 years studying health behaviors, including nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Her mission in life is to help others live a happier and healthier life by creating sustainable lifestyle behavior changes and habits that positively impact health.

Linda is a regular guest lecturer at Stanford University and is a featured family health expert in the media and in publications.

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Bring Pearl Habits to Your Organization

If your staff needs greater resilience and a way to manage stress, Linda can deliver the insights you are looking for through her life-changing keynotes.